Having a shopping cart incorporated into your e-commerce makes you site complete –customers can identify their preferred products and check out easily. If you are limited in terms of money, and especially, if you are just starting, using an open source shopping cart is the best decision you can make. Such a choice gives you the cushion against the challenge that comes with being tied to cart service providers and the required monthly payments.

Also, opting to use the open source shopping cart gives you the chance to use any shopping cart template free, though it is important to exercise caution when using such templates. It is recommendable to choose wisely since different websites templates come with diverse features incorporated for the shopping carts.

Here are some of the reliable shopping carts that you can incorporate into your e-commerce for free.

    Prestashop open source cart

The Prestashop is an excellent option regarding free shopping cart software. The cart comes with numerous features that ensure that your customers have a great shopping experience. However, some of the issues that you need to be aware of about the Prestashop shopping cart include its quite complex interface and speed. Also, if you require additional features, you will need to pay a lot of money for plugins.

    Shopify open source shopping cart

All e-commerce themes for Shopify come with a free shopping cart. The majority of people are adapting to use Shopify in their development of their e-commerce by great features and better user interface. Its shopping cart qualifies as one of the best regarding simplicity, and the ideal way for beginners.  In addition, you get a shopping cart template free and one, which will require no technical know-how to install and use.


The OpenCart is one of the best open source shopping carts software you can get on the market today. It features a modern appeal and comes with great functionalities that make enhance your customers’ shopping experience. Also, it has a simple to use and intuitive backend administration interface.  It is easy to install and run since it is has a one-click installer.

    Magento shopping cart

Magento is considered to be one of the best website themes that embrace high technology. Similarly, its high reliance on technology ensures that you have a great shopping cart. Its cart is advanced in terms of features; you not only get many features but ones that will give you a professional experience, flexibility, and control. Also, its many out of the box features give you the chance to run any advanced e-commerce easily.