Any complete e-commerce site factors in the integration of a shopping cart to allow your customers to check out after identifying their products of choice. In most cases, some individuals find it challenging to decide what type of shopping cart software to use. Usually, there are two types –open source and paid software shopping carts.

All website themes come with different designs and type of shopping carts. It is advisable to choose to incorporate a shopping cart that is user-friendly to ensure that it does complicate the final stage of checking out. This calls for an understanding of the types of shopping carts and their specific benefits. Here is a brief overview of the two kinds of shopping carts to ensure that you settle for the best.

Paid software shopping cart

Some examples of paid shopping cart include the XCart and the Miva Merchant. The reason why these types of shopping carts are termed as paid, is that you need to make certain payment for you to use them. If you are to use them, you need a license as well as a certain monthly subscription fee. One of the benefits of the paid shopping software is that you do not have to worry about all the technical details as the technical support is provided. Ideally, if you do not have much knowledge in IT and web development, this is the best option to consider.

Open source shopping carts

Today, the internet is filled with all manner of open source shopping carts. These type of carts require a lot of installation work and hence, ideal for you if you are the type of people who like doing everything for themselves. Also, they are readily available since a great number of the website themes come with a shopping cart template free of charge. Apart from the fact that you get these carts for free, they also come with numerous features that you can customize to your preferred style. Also, several free plugins are available on the internet that you can integrate into your website to give you additional services.

One of the challenges associated with the free shopping carts is that they do not have any reliable support. Nevertheless, some platforms and forums have been set for discussion among experts where you can get any help you need.

Now that you have gotten a glimpse of the two types of shopping carts, the decision is yours; make a clear comparison and weight out your options based on the benefits and features that you need from any given shopping cart.

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