Read this article and discover the most important features you should look out for in shopping cart template free of charge before making a decision!

Once you will start looking for ecommerce platforms you will realize that there are a lot of shopping cart ecommerce solutions on the web offering you different options, different features, and different deals.

Finding a shopping cart free of charge template is the best option, however, before you decide which solution you are going to use, take a look at what features every shopping cart should have.Read more

Find the Best Shopping Cart Template Free of Charge

There are thousands of really good shopping carts on the web with loads of helpful features that make running an online business and an ecommerce store a breeze, even if you are a beginner and you are everything by yourself. The trick is to find and narrow down the good ones so you can make a final decision.

You can take advantage of the comparison websites and discover a list of top 10 best or the most popular shopping carts and see if anything will attract your attention. This could be a good start, especially if you are just starting out and you aren’t familiar with the shopping carts. The comparison websites provide pretty helpful information including the most important features of each cart. We recommend you to find sites that have a rating system so you can get a better idea of the value and quality of a specific shopping cart.

There is another way to find reliable shopping carts. By using Google’s search tool, you can enter keywords such as ecommerce shopping cart software, ecommerce platform, ecommerce solution and etc. and write down the first 10 or 20 results. Usually, these are the best options to give it a try. Check each ecommerce solution and see if there is something that matches your needs,

You need to keep in mind that a retailer running his own online business and store with 100 different products don’t have the same needs as a store selling hundreds of thousands of products. When looking for the perfect solution, it is important not to just look at the price of the shopping cart, but the platform as a whole.

The most important features every shopping cart template free of charge should have are: a free selection of themes, free live chat software, number of products, disk space, bandwidth, security, ease of use, customer support, and the availability of a free trial period.

Testing the template before you decide to use it is crucial. Most shopping cart templates offer a trial period of 14 days and more. There are templates that have 7 days free trial period, but according to experts, one week is too short to try out and analyze the features. Choose the ones that offer at least 14 days free trial period.

Setting up your store will usually take from 15-20 minutes, however for testing and analyzing the features it will take more time. For beginners this is a learning process so use this chance to learn as much as possible and don’t forget to check the customer support service and determine whether or not they live up to your expectations.

Our final advice to you is to go for secure and reliable ecommerce solutions only. Pick a popular, well-known and proven shopping cart template that will improve your store and allow you to run a successful ecommerce business. Look for a shopping cart solution that comes with different payment gateways, good customer support, and free ecommerce


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